Currently, police and courts can use the fact that a person has or is carrying condoms against them in court to prove that they are engaging in prostitution-related offenses. Sex workers and people profiled as being involved in the sex trades report that they are more likely to be arrested if they carry condoms, and that sex work venues are more likely to be raided if there are condoms on the premises. ITS TIME TO TAKE ACTION TO STOP THIS PRACTICE!

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SAS Sends a Message to State Legislators – Stop the Use of Possession of Condoms as Evidence of Intent to Engage in Prostitution-Related Offenses! by Polly V.

Earlier this week I mailed out over 200 letters to all of the Assembly Members and State Senators in Albany from Streetwise and Safe asking them to support legislation that would stop police and prosecutors from using possession of condoms as evidence of intent to engage in prostitution-related offenses. Each of the letters had a NYC condom attached with a warning: “Possession of this Condom Could be Used Against You to You Intended to Engage in a Prostitution-Related Offense.” I hope that they all realize that it’s not right and they stop this from happening. I want them to read about the bill we are trying to pass because it is important information from me and my colleagues about how this practice impacts our lives and the lives of people in our communities. Check out the letter here: SAS legislative memo


SAS Takes Petitions to the Manhattan District Attorney, Co-Hosts Community Forum with organizations working with LGBTQ Youth, by Polly V.

I am just speaking my mind.  I feel like using condoms to try and say that you are involved in the sex trade is ridiculous.  In March and April I was getting signatures for a petition to pass a bill to stop authorities from using condoms as evidence of criminal activities. I had more than 50 signatures from friends, family, people in my community, and people that I don’t even know. Most of the people could not believe that the government would stoop that low to lock us up.

I am strongly against this and I was outraged when me and my coworkers and lots of different organizations [Hetrick Martin Institute, Ali Fornay Center, Streetwork, Callen-Lorde] met with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance this past May to try to inform him about how that law isn’t cool. He really sat there and listened to how everyone feels about this issue and said that he took everything into consideration and that he will talk to his staff and that we will hear from him and his colleagues and then he left.  I am still waiting for him and his colleagues to let us know what is going to happen with this.