Streetwise & Safe (SAS) —also known as SAS—is a project in New York City that shares the ins & outs, do’s & don’ts and street politics of encounters between LGBTQQ youth of color and the police. We also stand for and with LGBTQQ and youth with experience trading sex for survival needs. We feel knowing your rights makes you more confident in protecting yourself during and after interactions with the police. We also know that the reality is that the police don’t always respect our rights but knowing what they are is important so that we can fight for them later. We also create a space to share strategies to stay safe from all forms of violence experienced by LGBTQQ youth and advocate for policies that will change the ways police interact with us.

Latest news:

  • Our 2013 Newsletter is out! Check out our accomplishments and victories over the past year, in words and images from SAS youth leaders!
  • Statement from the Audre Lorde Project, FIERCE, SAS and SRLP on closing of Queers for Economic Justice.
  • Read recent media coverage of SAS youth speaking out about stop and frisk and other forms of discriminatory, unlawful and abusive policing, click here: Media